How to Enroll

New Student Enrollment Process

Priority for openings is given to children of Occidental employees/students who are on the Wait List. Remaining openings are offered to children from the surrounding Community who are on the Wait List. The order of priority for openings is as follows:

  • Children of Occidental employees/students on the Oxy Wait List
  • Children on the Community Sibling Wait List (whose older siblings are currently attending the CDC)
  • Children on the Community Wait List *

Each list – Oxy, Community Sibling, Community – is managed on a first come, first served basis. Enrollment is not guaranteed until a signed Enrollment Contract and Tuition deposit are received from parents/guardians.

* The CDC seeks gender balance in the classroom. In managing the Community Wait List, there may be instances where a child of the less prevalent gender in a classroom would receive higher priority.

Fall Semester Entry Period

All children will enter the program at the beginning of the fall semester (August), unless a space becomes available during the year. A child’s second birthday must occur on or before September 1st in order to start attending classes at the start of the school year. We utilize a September 1st birthday cutoff for each of our groups. Children who are born after September 1st (e.g. children with fall birthdays) fit into the age group that will start at our Center the following year. Using a September 1st birthday cutoff for each group allows children to spend one year in each of our 3 classrooms, without having to repeat a year in any classroom and risk being left behind by their peers who are moving on to the next classroom.

Enrollment Options

All Community families attend on a 12-month basis. Occidental College Employee families can choose a 12-month, 11-month or 10-month (no summer) enrollment plan. We offer a full-day option in all groups (no half-day options), and children attend 5 full days per week.


The following table shows 2023-24 tuition rates and other fees for 5 full days of attendance per week. Tuition includes food service (a.m. snack, lunch and p.m. snack) and a weekly music program.

Oxy Employee Families $1,273/mo.
Community Families $1,748/mo.
Non-potty Trained Child $100/mo.
One-time Enrollment Fee $300

Prospective Family Tours

We offer a family a private tour of our Center when it looks like we will be able to offer their child a spot in the program. Families are always given a chance to tour the program before being asked to commit to enrolling their child.


If the information above sounds good to you and you would like to be placed on our Wait List, please fill out the Online Wait List Application below. Additionally, for more detailed information about the Center, please download the Parent Handbook below.

Wait List Application

Are you an Occidental College Employee or Currently Enrolled Student?

Parent Handbook

Have a Look

Click on each PDF image to download our Parent Handbook and COVID-19 Illness Policy. These documents contain important information for parents on the Center’s policies, guidelines, and operations. It provides a more in-depth look at our programs, philosophy and approach. If you have any questions, please contact us.